Our Vision
Warriors of Faith aims to establish itself as a leading martial arts organization in professional instruction and social impact by establishing a training centre where instruction and expertise can contribute to the establishment of other martial arts branches around the country.

Warriors of Faith is committed to using martial arts as a platform for social change and development by teaching the values of Unity, Integrity, Respect (Of self, others and purpose), Discipline andSelf-Control.

Our Mission
Warriors of Faith is committed to utilizing martial arts as a platform for excellence and a means to leverage social change through the effective development of the individual.

Warriors of Faith is devoted to the professional instruction of martial arts (Kick-boxing, Mauythai, Krav-Maga, and self-defense) to people of all backgrounds and believes in training its clients holistically.

Warriors of Faith is dedicated to achieving ‘wholeness’ of mind, through focus, discipline and self-control; of body through skill, agility and fitness; and of soul through respect. Respect for God. Respect for others. Respect for self.

Our Values
Warriors of Faith believes in:

Respect (Of Self, Others and Purpose)