Warriors of Faith Martial Arts is a Christian-based martial arts academy training from Robin Hills in Randburg. We strive to improve the standards of Martial Arts in South Africa while influencing our surroundings. We have students from all backgrounds, all ages, and all fitness levels.

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Fabian | 084 500 1510​


Master Sang Kuen Lee

Taekwondo | 5th Dan

Tuk Kong Musool | 5th Dan
Kumdo 5th Dan
Hapkido | 6th Dan Krav Maga | Certified KMSA

Fabian Langerman

Taekwondo | 3rd Dan
Tuk Kong Musool | 1st Dan
Jiu Jitsu | Brown Belt
Krav Maga | Certified KMSA instructor


Kids bulyproof

Kick Boxing

Jui Jitsu

Krav Maga